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Bejeweled Ears (Choose your base color) $75

Bejeweled Ears (Choose your base color) $75

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These ears feature a satin base fabric with a glitter dotted overlay fabric on the ears, headband, and bow. The front (only) of the ears and the sides of the bow have hand placed resin gems and rhinestones. Your DEFAULT satin base color is light pink like in the photo. If you do not leave a note in your order for a different color, you will be getting light pink. If you would like to change your color, I can do: light yellow, light purple, light green, light blue, or a nude/neutral color. I can’t do red, black, any dark color, or white but I can do off white. 

*DUE TO THE NATURE OF THIS FABRIC, IT HAS GLITTER FALLOUT. You WILL get some glitter on yourself, your clothes, or your things. If you do not like glitter anywhere, do not order these. 

*If you want to make these ears into “magic ears” where I add a magic band puck to the ears for your use only, please either add the “Make my ears magical” listing for each pair you want the puck in, or please message me to arrange you shipping me a puck that you currently own that’s already registered to your MDE account.

These Ears fit children and adults.

At the present time, it takes me 4-6 weeks to complete orders. Remember that when placing your order! 

Shipping on ears will be completed the next business day after the ears are ready. All orders will be shipped by USPS. If you need an emergency shipping, I will ship it via UPS at an additional fee.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Due to the nature of all ear orders, all sales are final.

If you were sent the wrong item by mistake, please contact me by email within 24 hours upon receiving your ears. I will do my best to correct the error and make you the happiest customer I can! :)

As soon as the ears are shipped, I have no control how fast they get to you or what happens to them. I will do my best to package them in a way that makes sure they arrive perfectly safe to you!

*If your address was incorrect and they are sent back to me, you will need to pay shipping again, so it’s important to ensure that your address is correct when placing your order.

IMPORTANT: These ears are not suitable for extreme temperatures. Please keep them in a cool dry place while storing. These also have been tested for wet conditions and are not water resistant. They will last a long time if they are taken care of.

Happy shopping to you, and have a magical day!