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About Us



Hello! My name is Tiffany, and I'm the creator behind SCEC! I decided to open my shop 8 years ago when I started making ears for my honeymoon to WDW. On a whim I thought I'd see if other people liked my designs so I opened an Etsy and to my delight, they did! I've been making ears ever since. Thankfully, over time I have built my skills and have been able to make unique designs that you all have grown to know and love. With the success of my little ear shop, we have been able to move on from Etsy to this, our own website! With each new step we embrace  change with excitement and eagerness to conquer our goals and go beyond expectations.

My husband, Alexis, helps me a lot in the shop with processing materials, packaging orders, and shipping. He is a huge help to getting things done around here when he isn't at his own job. We love spending time together while making a little magic for you all! We hope that you enjoy the attention to detail and dedication to quality in which we have built this shop.

If you ever need anything, we are always available through the Contact Us page. We also hope that you find our FAQs page helpful for basic questions. We invite you to follow us on Instagram and join our Facebook group to stay up to date with the most recent shop opening dates and other important announcements.

Thank you for taking the time to be here with us while we make magic and memories for years to come!