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1. Do you ship packages internationally?
Yes, we have shipped to Canada, Mexico, and Panama, along with APOs. Im sure that we can ship to where you are too! Update: Due to the new VAT laws caused by Brexit, we have suspended shipping the UK and any country that is affected until we can apply for our VAT tax ID. I am sorry to those who order from us regularly who reside in the UK. Please contact us so we can try to work something out in the meantime.


2. What is your turn around time?

Typically 1-2 weeks, but we will update frequently on our social media to ensure the most people get the information as we have it to give.

3. Do you do returns?

No, due to the fact that every pair is handmade from scratch, all sales are final. No refunds, returns, exchanges, or cancelations. 

4. Do all designs weigh the same?

Actually, they don't. Each design has various materials and this will affect the weight the most. If the design is full sequin or obviously heavily decorated with trims and other things, expect them to be heavier than ones with plain cotton fabrics. 

5. I get headaches easily. Can you help with the ears possibly not causing a headache?

Each person is different but I have received feedback from multiple people who say they get headaches easily who have said that my ears are comfortable and they are able to wear my ears for long park days with no issues. If you are worried about the headband being tight, you can always request a wide set headband in your order. 

6. Do you make ears for babies?

No, I dont. My ears are all one size fits most. If you want to have them made smaller on a headband, please message me first.

7. When do you run sales or do coupons?

I occasionally do stock sales on my Facebook group. They are random and unannounced. Basically a surprise! And every order gets a coupon in the package for your next order!

8. My order was sent to the wrong address. Can you send me a replacement?

Please ensure that your address is correct at time of order placement. I will not send a replacement for free if the other pair doesn't make it back to me. If they do make it back, you will need to pay for shipping again. So it is in your best interest to make sure your address is correct.

9. What if my order comes in damaged?

If this does happen, I will replace them for you once you provide photos of the damaged ones. I may or may not request the damaged ones to be returned prior to your replacement. This does NOT include acts of vandalism, theft, or forces of nature including cases involving animals. If you are unsure of what this means, please contact us.

10. Are the ears water proof or heat proof?

No, the ears are not water resistant and they are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Please do not leave them in a hot vehicle. 

11. What are your prices?

My prices are now listed in the title of each listing so that you can see them even when that listing is sold out.

12. What if I bought the wrong ones?

This has happened before. Please make sure what's in your cart is what you want because its too confusing to try to change it after and it messes with my inventory. It takes a split second to check your cart before you pay so please make sure you're buying the ones you want.

13. All designs say sold out. How do I order?

I have to schedule my shop openings in advance. I have the website available for you to see my designs and read policies and get other important info while im not open. Shop opening info will be posted in the announcement bar on here, as well as in my instagram story, and my facebook group. If you can't find the next shop opening info posted, Its most likely that I haven't announced the next date yet but you are welcome to contact us to make sure.

14. Do you take custom orders?

At this time, we do not. We are unable to take on customs due to the lack of time to accommodate them with the busy schedule we already work in. Thanks for understanding!

16. Do you deliver to hotels?

We are no longer able to offer this service due to the fact that we have moved to North Carolina. We apologize if you receive any marketing with conflicting information until we can get it updated. This update is in effect as of July 18th, 2022. Thank you for understanding.