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Make My Ears Magical $20

Make My Ears Magical $20

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This listing is to add a magic band puck to your ears. This allows you to use your ears in any way that you can use your magic band. Any time a cast member can say: “Scan your magic band” you can scan your magic ears!

If you plan on sending me a puck that you already own, please do not check out with this listing. This listing is so I can buy a new magic band to put the puck in the ears for you.

The band will not be sent with the ears unless you so request it to be sent. The puck can never be removed from the ears. Once the puck has been added to your MDE account, it can never be transferred to another user.

I will message you your puck number. This is the number you will need to add to your MDE account. If you do not add it to your account, the puck will not work.

You must purchase this listing for every pair of ears that you want to be made into magic ears. If you are ordering multiple pairs and want multiple pucks, please make sure you change the quantity of this listing to match however many pairs of ears you have in your order that you want the puck in.

If this is the case, I will have to send you a detailed message on what numbers are inside which pair of ears. I will likely send this info on paper as well with your order.

The puck will always be placed inside of the left ear in the front. This will only differ if you order the jeweled ears, and it will be placed in the back of the left ear.

Please note that this is not a fee for adding the puck. This money will be used to buy your puck from the parks. I am not charging anything extra to add the magic.